Zodiac Signs: Dates, Symbols, Traits

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Aries: Cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars. Vigorous, impulsive, and quick-thinking. Symbolized by the Ram. Original leader, headbutting through challenges.


Taurus: Fixed earth sign ruled by Venus. Stable, sensual, and stubborn. Symbolized by the Bull. Weathering storms with resilience.


Gemini: Mutable air sign ruled by Mercury. Restless, witty, and dualistic. Symbolized by the Twins. Constantly learning and considering different perspectives.


Cancer: Cardinal water sign ruled by the moon. Intuitive, nurturing, and moody. Symbolized by the Crab. Motherly and compassionate with strong psychic receptivity.


Leo: Fixed fire sign ruled by the sun. Bold, enthusiastic, and dramatic. Symbolized by the Lion. Center stage, shining with joy and a powerful presence.


Virgo: Mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury. Detail-oriented, dependable, and perfectionist. Symbolized by the Virgin. Striving for excellence and catching every flaw. Electric when inspired.


Libra: Cardinal air sign ruled by Venus. Balanced, sociable, and indecisive. Symbolized by the Scales. Values partnerships and seeks reciprocity. Keeping it 50/50 in decisions


Scorpio: Fixed water sign co-ruled by Mars and Pluto. Intense, fierce, and transformative. Symbolized by the Scorpion and Phoenix. Embracing the depths and sparking profound transformations.


Sagittarius: Mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Expressive, adventurous, and lucky. Symbolized by the Centaur. Exploring the unknown, shining as a travel buddy and debate partner.


Capricorn: Cardinal earth sign ruled by Saturn. Ambitious, stoic, and focused on success. Symbolized by the Sea-Goat. Shouldering responsibilities and persevering tenaciously.


Aquarius: Fixed air sign ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Quirky, empathetic, and individualistic. Symbolized by the Water-Bearer. Balancing innovation with structure.


Pisces: Mutable water sign co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Intuitive, mystical, and dreamy. Symbolized by two Fish. Balancing psychic gifts with delusion.