Zodiac Rom-Coms: Find Your Perfect Match



Fearless, passionate go-getter. Speaks mind, lives authentically. 10 Things I Hate About You is your perfect rom-com—bold, feisty leads, unlikely romance, smart humor. A regular favorite.


Bridget Jones's Diary suits you best—successful yet lonely woman finds love in wrong places. Endless laughs, saucy love triangle. A must-watch chick flick.


Tricky in romance, fun-loving socialite. 27 Dresses resonates with you—perpetually single workaholic, "always the bridesmaid," sudden arrival of dream man.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding is your match—Greek woman falls for outsider, family acceptance struggles. Familial hijinks, snappy one-liners, laughter until tears. A relatable rom-com for you.


Big-hearted, love as an adventure. Pride hinders judgment. When Harry Met Sally is your classic rom-com. Stubborn friends, falling in love unknowingly.


Virgos are meticulous and demanding in dating, seeking a compatible partner. Watch "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days," where a writer sabotages a relationship but falls for the man instead.


Libras love romance and enjoy the thrill of falling in love. Watch "Hitch" with Will Smith, a classic rom-com about a matchmaker who finds unexpected love.


Scorpios are enigmatic flirts who struggle with vulnerability. Watch "Always Be My Maybe" on Netflix, a relatable story of childhood friends finding love.


Adventurous zodiac sign seeks freedom and self-discovery. Watch "The Holiday" for a heartwarming romantic comedy.


Watch "Two Weeks Notice" with Sandra Bullock—a rom-com where a lawyer finds love while breaking free from her boss.


quarius, the eccentric rebel, approaches love uniquely. Watch "My Best Friend's Wedding" where a woman realizes her love for her best friend, but he's getting married.


Pisces, the true romantics and dreamers, crave storybook love. Watch "The Princess Bride," a classic rom-com where a princess and a pirate go to great lengths for their love.