7 Things You Should Never Say to a Scorpio, Astrologers Say


    You're too intense/obsessive.

Scorpios: misunderstood due to their intense nature. Misconstrued as obsession, but they're passionate and driven. Encourage balance and support

Let's forget about it

Scorpios hold onto the past, value emotional exploration. Avoid dismissing or rushing them to move on. Respect their need for introspection

You're so stubborn

Scorpios: determined and passionate due to their fixed nature. Approach conflicts with open dialogue, seek common ground for resolution

Why are you so sensitive?

Intuitive Scorpios value emotions, but dislike being asked why they're emotional. Respect their emotional depth without probing

Let's get it done my way.

Respect Scorpios' independence, involve them in decision-making. Avoid being controlling or dismissive of their opinions

Let me do this for you

Respect Scorpio's independence. Avoid assuming superiority. Offer support through open conversation, not as an attack on their confidence

You're too controlling

Scorpios desire control, driven by their nature. Understand their need before labeling them as 'too controlling.' Respect their astrological makeup