What Style of Shorts You Need for Summer, Based on Your Zodiac Sign



Aquarians take their individuality very seriously. As such, a pair of lace shorts in a vibrant shade of neon that stands out from the crowd will have them feeling their very best.


This water sign is drawn to all things dreamy, so a pair of soft shorts with lots of movement and a swoon-worthy floral print will speak volumes to them.


Often active and sporty if not downright competitive when it comes to their favorite physical activities, an Aries will feel right at home in a flouncy skort.


When it comes to dressing like a Taurus, you can't go wrong with pink. It's the signature color of Venus, the planetary ruler of Taurus. While they don't follow trends,


Geminis love an eye-catching embellishment, and are drawn to bright colors and sequins.


Pockets are an important part of any 'fit for Cancers who rarely leave the house without stocking up on anything and everything they might need.


While a number standout styles including printed patterns and structured looks  fit this bill, nothing makes a statement quite like a pair of leather or leather-esque shorts.


Drawn to structure in life as well as in fashion, Virgos will feel sophisticated and confident in a pair of well-tailored shorts.


Libras love color, balance, and glamour, but don't feel the need to go out of the way with an over-the-top fashion statement.


Typically identified as the sultry troublemakers of the zodiac, Scorpios actually gravitate towards timeless and classic fashion with just a dash of edge thrown in


Denim shorts in an unexpected color or, even better, an ombré-style blend of colors, will definitely get that job done.


A pair of linen paperbag shorts that exude quiet luxury is the perfect summertime staple for this sign.