What Does An Aquarius Look Like

Updated - 23/06/2023

Multiple Blue Rings

A unique look

Aquarius signs have androgynous features, with a mix of masculine and feminine traits. They have slim bodies, dainty facial features, and a droopy posture.

Aquarius signs can be tall or short but always appear long. They have broad shoulders and hips, with limbs in proportion to their body. Their unique physical characteristics make them difficult to summarize.

Stunning eyes

Aquarius signs have captivating eyes that exude friendliness and excitement. Their eyes tell a story and are often described as lively and welcoming.

Aquarius signs' eyes are a standout feature, often blue or hazel in color. They have a unique tilt to them, adding to their distinctiveness

Strong facial features

Aquarius signs have curved eyebrows and square or rectangular heads with high foreheads. The prominent forehead is a key feature of this sign.

Aquarius signs have straight noses, broad jawlines, emphasized cheekbones, and a smiling mouth. Their distinct facial features make them easily recognizable

Pretty teeth

Aquarians generally have average-sized and good-quality teeth.

The teeth of Aquarians are typically of average size and in good condition.

Nice hair

Aquarius signs often have sandy light brown hair that is of moderate thickness and in good health

Aquarians usually have sandy light brown hair that is neither too thick nor too thin, with good quality and overall healthy appearance.


Aquarius signs are known for constantly changing their style, experimenting with bold and unconventional choices like pink or green hair.

Aquarians are fashion chameleons, always exploring new styles and colors, from pink hair one month to green hair the next, embracing their unique and ever-evolving fashion sense