Type of Cat Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Updated - 23/06/2023

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Aries: Somali

Aries, meet the Somali cat breed - your long-haired counterpart. Adventurous, energetic, and passionate, just like you. Always exploring, never sitting still. #Aries #SomaliCat

Taurus: British Shorthair

Taurus, meet the British Shorthair - a regal and loyal cat breed. Grounded, routine-oriented, and focused on the essentials

Gemini: Bengal

Gemini, meet the chatty Bengal cat breed - outgoing, clever, and curious. Both social butterflies who love communication and gatherings. #Gemini #Bengal

Cancer: Ragdoll

Cancer, meet the nurturing Ragdoll cat breed - intuitive, compassionate, and great emotional support. Both love cozy evenings and care deeply. #Cancer #Ragdoll

Leo: Maine Coon

Leo, meet the majestic Maine Coon - brave, generous, and attention-grabbing. Lion-like energy and a confident attitude.

Virgo: Siamese

Virgo, meet the meticulous Siamese cat - bright, kind, and committed. Both perfectionists who bond deeply and speak their minds

Libra: Persian

Libra, meet the peaceful Persian cat breed - easygoing, calm, and a master of balance. Both embodying the best of both extroversion and introversion

Scorpio: Munchkin

Scorpio, meet the powerful Munchkin cat - assertive, ambitious, and brave. A perfect match with a strong presence

Sagittarius: Singapura

Sagittarius, meet the adventurous Singapura cat breed - confident, friendly, playful, and always exploring. A perfect match

Capricorn: Norwegian Forest Cat

Capricorn, meet the ambitious Norwegian Forest Cat - independent, loyal, and a big-picture thinker. A perfect match!

Aquarius: Selkirk Rex

Aquarius, meet the eccentric Selkirk Rex cat breed - original, free-spirited, and unique. A perfect match