Top 10 Fun Games to Play With Your Dog

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Cast Iron Pan

Use a Flirt Pole

Flirt pole: Fun and easy way to entertain active dogs. Provides mental and physical stimulation, tires out high-energy dogs. Promotes impulse control and satisfies natural prey drive.

Play a Game of  Hide & Seek

Hide and seek: Fun game for dogs. Use natural scent tracking abilities. Laika loves it, even with repeated hiding spots. Stimulating and engaging.

Play Tug of War With Your Dog

Tug: Engaging, physical game for dogs. Promotes impulse control. Use as a motivating reward in training. Game stops if teeth touch skin.

Play Frisbee With Your Dog

Frisbee: Fun, advanced game of fetch. Promotes long-distance chasing. Start with a soft disc. Practice short tosses, encourage chasing. Increase distance gradually.

Create Your Own Agility Course

DIY Agility Course: Fun mental & physical exercise for dogs. Use hula hoop, blankets, mini cones. Exhausting & engaging. Try DIY obstacle course plans.

Use Kong Stuffing, Puzzles & Snuffle Mats

Stuffed Kong, puzzle, snuffle mat: Easy, fun games for dogs. Stimulate scavenging instincts, mentally engaging. Try West Paw Tux toy as an alternative.

Teach Your Dog to Chase Bubbles

Bubble chase: Fun game for dogs. Start with a few bubbles, encourage chasing. Show them it's safe and fun. Get them before they touch the ground.

Play Some Water Games With Your Dog

Beach fun for dogs: Swim with a doggie life jacket, bring toys for water fetch. Check toy floatability. Enjoy safe and playful time at the beach!

Play Find the Treats With Your Dog

Find the treats: Easy and engaging game for dogs. Endless fun, even with repetitive hiding spots. Mentally stimulating nose work activity. Hone natural sniffing abilities.

Use a Digging Box

Digging box for dogs: Encourage digging in a designated area. DIY with wood and sand. Prevent cats with a top cover. Protect your garden and provide a digging outlet.