Top 10 Brain Games to Play With Your Dog

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Treasure Hunt

Teach your dog to find hidden treasures by using its nose. Start with simple hides, reward success, and gradually increase difficulty. Stimulate your dog's brain and senses through this engaging game.


Elevate the thrill of treasure hunt by being the hidden treasure. One person distracts the dog, while the other hides. Release the dog to search. Perfect for indoor or outdoor fun, even on rainy days.

Ring Stackers

Toys can enhance eye-paw coordination in dogs. Teach them ring stackers for engaging play. Choose wooden rings with natural dyes. Patience is key, as it may take time to master.

Shell Game

Engage your dog with a challenging treat game. Use two cups and hide treats underneath. Alternate cups and reward correct choices. Encourage focus and problem-solving.

New Trick

Spark your dog's creativity with the "new trick" game. Click and treat for unique behaviors, ignore repetitions. Keep the game going as long as your dog offers new tricks.

Hot and Cold

Train your dog with the hot and cold game. Use treats and enthusiastic cues to guide them toward desired behaviors. Fun and effective clicker training method.

Toy Pickup

Teach your dog to clean up toys. Start with "drop it" command, then shape behavior to drop toys in a basket. Reward progress and use cues like "put it away."

The Name Game

Teach your dog to put away toys by name. Repeat toy name, reward when dog grabs it. Gradually introduce other toys and reinforce name recognition.

Jumping Rope

Improve coordination with rope jumping game. Teach targeting, jumping on cue, and adding rope. Requires practice but provides mental and physical stimulation.

Red Light Green Light

Improve impulse control and attention with a game for enthusiastic dogs. Enhances safety and enjoyment in off-leash areas. Play anytime, anywhere.