This Is What You Should Add to Your Spring Wardrobe Based on Your Zodiac Sign



It’s your time to shine, Aries. The spring equinox kicks off the start of your season, and with it comes plenty of positive changes in your life.


Ready to make a commitment? The spring equinox is lighting a fire in your heart and asking you to make a big change.


Spring looks good on you, Gemini! When the Sun and Mercury enter bold and passionate Aries on March 20, you can expect your social life to heat up fast.


You love hibernating during the winter, but spring is really your time to heat things up. This spring will be a period of magic and exploration for you, Cancer.


After a long and sometimes dull winter, the spring equinox sets the stage for you to put your dreams into action.


Cash or charge? You’re in your bag this spring, Virgo — and if you’ve been waiting for the right time to make some power moves, this is your sign.


What’s love got to do with it, Libra? Keep an eye out for Cupid this spring when the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter link up in Aries.


With the Moon and Neptune in sleepy Pisces, you’ll want to prioritize alone time and self-care for the next few weeks.


Spring has you fired up, Sagittarius. The warmth in the air might have you itching to take an adventure, but Aries season has other plans for you.


It's easy to get caught up in your to-do list, Capricorn, but the spring equinox is a reminder to focus your extra time and energy on yourself.


The spring equinox is stirring up some big emotions for you, and may even be considering a complete reinvention of your style.


Can you feel the shift in the air, Pisces? Last month you celebrated another year embracing all the things that make you unique.