The Worst Zodiac Sign to Tell a Secret To

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aim for positive social connections, but weighty info disrupts their equilibrium, leading to indiscretion. Expert communicators but need discretion.

it hard to be happy, excluded due to escapism. Emotionally unhealthy, short bursts of joy but generally more down," adds Bennet.


crave information to feel superior, but may use it against others, being critical and judgmental. Mercury as their ruler makes them talkative.

Virgos seek knowledge for superiority, but can be critical and use personal info against others. Ruled by Mercury, they love to talk and gossip.


1. attention and may struggle to keep secrets due to their ego. They enjoy drama and gossip but should stay authentic to win over a crowd. 2.

need for attention can lead to sharing secrets for self-promotion. They thrive on drama and gossip but should focus on being genuine to impress others.


1. can be loud and may use secrets to pursue their goals. Beware confiding in them, as they might use it against you or impulsively share it. 2.

impulsive and loud; they may use secrets to their advantage. Be cautious, as they could share confidential information when angry or inappropriately.


value expressing themselves freely, seeing secrets as limitations. They can be careless with gossip, inadvertently sharing it due to forgetfulness.

enjoy drama and might share secrets unintentionally. They value self-expression and can be forgetful, not realizing the information's privacy.


as big talkers and communicative air signs, can't keep secrets. They tend to gossip accidentally due to their active minds and sharing nature.

struggle with keeping secrets due to their talkative and communicative traits. They unintentionally blab and need to be mindful of what they share.