The Theme Party You Should Throw

The Party Powerhouse! Casino Night with a Roaring '20s twist. Bold, competitive, and center of attention, Aries knows how to have fun

Casino Night Party

Intimate Glam Dinner Party. Good food, good company, and conversation. Show off culinary skills with a fancy dress code and glamorous invitations.

Fancy Dinner Party

Sociable and hospitable host loves entertaining large groups. Flexible, giving, and down for anything. Board game night is a great option because it's hands-on and time-consuming

Board Game Night

Cancers are homebodies who love cozy movie nights with friends. Invite them over for a night of classic movies, popcorn, and tears.

Movie Night Party

Outgoing party lovers will love a karaoke party with fun accessories. Sing your heart out and laugh the night away with friends.

Karaoke Night Party

Meticulous murder mystery party planner. Detailed-oriented and loves organizing. Guests act as suspects, Virgo solves the crime.

Murder Mystery Party

Luxurious Hollywood glam party. Social butterfly with refined taste. Dress as favorite celebrities, red carpet photos, and elegant ambiance.

Hollywood Glam Party

Intimate masquerade ball. Dramatic, sensual, and exclusive. Personal style and mystery blend for an unforgettable night.

Masquerade Ball

Spontaneous travel-themed party. High-energy, unique, and open. Dress as tourists or from around the globe for a fun and unpredictable gathering.

Around The World Party

Fun-loving toga party host. Reliable, traditional, and ready to let loose. Combine ancient theme with drinking game Olympics for an unforgettable time.

Toga Party

Unconventional ABC (Anything But Clothes) party host. Shock and amaze with creative outfits. Playful and uninhibited celebration for adventurous friends.

ABC Party

Pisces love theme parties that let them escape into another world. A Studio 54 disco party is perfect for Pisces, with its flashy lights, fun music, and glittery costumes.

Disco Party