The Soda You Should Drink, Based on Your Zodiac Sign



vibrant energy, draws others in with extroverted personality. Paired with popular Coca-Cola—refreshing and bold soda. Admired for being authentic and easy to get along with.


Cream soda suits your fancy—guilty pleasure with light, satisfying flavor. Makes it part of your everyday routine. Old-school favorite you can't get enough of.


curious nature, loves trying new things. Step outside comfort zone with Fanta. In U.S., enjoy orange, strawberry, grape. Internationally, 90+ flavors await. Fun and crisp switch-up.


connected to feelings, labeled moody. Optimistic and caring. Comforting and nurturing nature. 7 Up's zesty lemon-lime flavor hits nostalgic note. Puts people at ease.


impressive and audacious showman. Energy sparkles wherever you go. Crush orange soda matches your bubbly vibe. Quenches your thirst with its effervescence.


perfectionist and detail-oriented. Dedication to getting things right. Matched with underrated Pepsi—subtle citrus note strikes the right chord. Best taste for the sign with a sharp eye.


social butterfly, seeks balance. Diet Coke fits perfectly—Coca-Cola flavor and caffeine boost with low sugar and calories. No guilt. Enjoy in cocktails/mocktails while letting hair down.


Discover Jarritos—an all-natural, fruit soda from Mexico. Fun flavors, colors. Natural sugars, less carbonation, richer, smoother sip. Underrated gems worth exploring.


Match your bold personality with zesty Ginger Ale. Uplifting zip to keep up with you. Favorite on airlines—can be enjoyed anywhere your travels take you.


Lover of classics—Dr. Pepper. 23 unique flavors create a one-of-a-kind experience. Satisfying choice that never disappoints.


Strong personality, polarizing energy. Ideal soda: root beer—polarizing but endlessly delicious. Licorice root, black cherry create bold, rich flavor. Can't get enough of its unmistakable taste.


Creative and artistic. Indulge in uplifting and inspiring Sierra Mist. Natural flavors, refreshing bubbles. Satisfying and enjoyable till the last sip.