The One Nail Color Your Zodiac Sign Should Wear for Scorpio Season



Although you normally wear darker colors on your nails, this month is urging you to detoxify your venomous pincers in favor of a more subdued look.


The moment has come for you to embrace your softer side with the help of this lovely hue on your nails. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.


This color matches your seasonal wardrobe, which is why it’s a safe and lovely bet to wear in the weeks ahead. It’s trendy, but still elegant and classy.


For the first time in a while, you’re stepping out of hibernation and putting yourself into the social mix. It’s time for you to have fun!


Scorpio season motivates you towards embracing your higher mind. This means taking classes that make you think about different philosophies.


You’re one powerful person! The weeks ahead are going to intensify your charisma, intuition, vigor, and strength.


You’re planting the seeds and setting the intention to call in healthy relationships and friendships. Doing so will allow you to manifest the ideal partnership that you wish to commit to.


A navy hue is ideal for aiding in communication this month. After all, with Mars retrograde on your sun sign, a lot of words and sentiments could get misinterpreted now.


Wearing a rosy hue on your nails will bring in the tender feels that you’re longing for it’ll even bring in a new crush or deepen an existing partnership.


Truth be told, you’re not wanting to be in the limelight as much as you are craving alone time or quiet moments with your loved ones at home.


A bronze nail polish gives you the push needed to assert your goals and visions into the world.


Not only that, but this neutral shade of gray will allow you to make sound choices that can help in moving you forward throughout the weeks ahead.