The One Nail Color Your Sign Should Wear During Scorpio Season — and Why



It'll remind you not to hurt those you care about, but to connect on an extreme level with love, empathy, and loyalty more than anything else.


You like nail polishes that have a little extra flair to it, which is why you'll vibe with this navy-gold sparkly shade.


A dark green hue will remind you that it's time to plant seeds and attain greatness in the months leading up to your birthday.


Although you don't have a plain Jane persona, you'll find that this staple color adds a lot of oomph to your makeup look and is unique in its own way.


A light smoky purple shade will help you run towards your innermost sentiments and goals with ease over the next thirty days.


The month ahead is extremely transformative in allowing and helping you to start fresh on a clean slate. It's a purifying time that will change your life for the better.


A shimmery gunmetal grey is the ideal color for you to wear during Scorpio season, as it will add more balance to your life at the moment.


But even if it takes more time than anticipated, you'll be able to do it. A deep purple will bring you luck into all of the day-to-day activities that you take on.


Red is the ultimate color of desire, which is why you will want to adorn your claws with this vibrant hue that ignites your heart.


You aren't basic, which is why this metallic hue will spark your creative and artistic side. And it will bring a lot of flair to your style this month.


it'll prove to be your new fave color. This nail polish will become your new tried and true shade for months and years to come, not just this season.


You like finding balance in all that you do, so it makes sense that you'll choose to wear a protective shade of black on your nails to bring harmony and peace to your life as we enter mid-autumn.