The Most Incompatible Zodiac Signs

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Bold Aries seeks an easygoing partner but can have a hot temper. Admiring Capricorns' work ethic, their shared ambition often leads to conflicts in relationships.

Aries: Capricorn

Confident Taurus seeks loyal partner, values reliability. Slow and deliberate approach. Attracted to Libra, but communication issues hinder long-term compatibility. Great friends, but challenges in addressing conflicts.

Taurus: Libra

Fun-loving Gemini seeks effortless and enjoyable relationships. Unlikely match with meticulous Virgo due to clashes in personalities and differing perspectives. Steer clear of constant back-and-forth dynamics.

Gemini: Virgo

Cancer seeks deep romance, verbal affirmations, and thoughtful gestures. Attracted to loyal Aquarius, but emotional connection is challenging due to Aquarians' difficulty expressing feelings. Better as friends than lovers.

Cancer: Aquarius

Passionate Leo seeks intense love, takes the lead. Attracted to romantic Taurus, but clashes due to stubbornness. Resolving issues is unlikely as pride and digging heels in hinder progress.

Leo: Taurus

Perfectionist Virgo seeks attentive and ambitious partner. Incompatible with free-spirited Sagittarius; different lifestyles and commitment needs. Better off as a dream.

Virgo: Sagittarius

Romantic Libra seeks reliable partner, avoids moodiness and jealousy. Attracted to attentive Cancer, but their pettiness and emotional coldness in conflicts hinder communication. Better as friends.

Libra: Cancer

Mysterious Scorpio seeks deep connection, low-key partnership. Attracted to charismatic Leo, but clashes arise due to over-the-top personalities and stubbornness. Relationship lacks progress without compromise.

Scorpio: Leo

Adventurous Sagittarius seeks freedom, hesitant to commit. Pisces shares laid-back mindset but struggles with emotional communication. Mismatched expression leads to relationship's end.

Sagittarius: Pisces

Practical Capricorn values consistency and dislikes unreliability. Geminis' casual approach clashes with Capricorn's need for commitment. Incompatibility due to differing preferences. Skip the first date.

Capricorn: Gemini

Eccentric Aquarius seeks unique partner, values personal space. Scorpios' jealousy and stubbornness clash, leading to games and conflicts. Great chemistry but potential for scorn.

Aquarius: Scorpio

Passionate Pisces seeks intense connection, desires balance in giving and receiving. Attracted to Aries' fairytale romance but struggles with assertiveness and overpowering communication style. Relationship's longevity affected by differing expressions.

Pisces: Aries