The Most Close-Minded Zodiac Sign

Circled Dot


Stubborn, materialistic, resistant to change. Bossy, secretive, and unwilling to engage in meaningful debates. Concerned with possessions, closed-minded attitude.


Competitive, independent, power-driven. Disregards others' input, sets own mind. Values success, reluctant to consider better ideas.


Confident, strong ego, reluctant to consider others' ideas. Holds steadfast opinions, sees self as most important. Unwilling to broaden horizons.


Regimented, strategic, secretive. Unwilling to consider others' ideas. Plays to win, keeps motives hidden. Inaccessible and focused on personal success.


Sequesters itself, attaches to routine, resistant to change. Safeguards emotions, rejects ideas outside comfort zone. Attached to familiar places and people. Difficult to change their mind.


They may appear close-minded because they play devil's advocate, but it's hard to tell when they're testing you or being narrow-minded.