Which Hollywood Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac?



Raymond battles racism with Camille, while the director of Meg is a brilliant leader with passion and energy, making him a true Aries.

Green Star


Ernie, a reliable Taurus, runs a successful gas station/pimp business, making great connections and providing financial support for Meg.

Arrow Right


Jack, a confident Gemini, is a former veteran, adaptable and outgoing. He pursues his acting dreams with positivity, making friends easily in the movie business.

Arrow Right


Rock, a complex Cancer, faces challenges in an interracial gay relationship, manipulation, and assault. Emotional and loyal, he remains devoted to Archie.

Tilted Brush Stroke


Archie, a fierce Leo, defies prejudice as a successful black screenwriter. He stands up for himself, attends the premiere with Rock, showcasing his caring and honest nature.

Tilted Brush Stroke


Dick, a diligent Virgo, transforms from a potential problem to a hard-working force, dedicated to making Meg happen. He's reliable and supportive of his friends.

Tilted Brush Stroke


Ellen, a caring Libra, works closely with Dick, ensuring smooth operations at Ace Studios. She strives for harmony and dislikes tension.

Burst with Arrow


Camille, a brave Virgo, defies racist pressures, pushing for major roles. Her honesty and determination lead to remarkable success in Meg.

Burst with Arrow


Anna May Wong, a Sagittarius actress, finally gets her chance to break stereotypes in a series, leading to an Oscar win. Her honesty challenges the industry.

Burst with Arrow


Henry Wilson, a sleazy yet successful Capricorn, exploits vulnerable men but solves industry problems through connections. He achieves his movie dream and transforms by showing remorse and helping others.



Avis Amberg, an Aquarius, takes charge of Ace Studios and becomes a visionary leader. She fearlessly spearheads Meg and works to transform Hollywood, showcasing her intelligence and determination.



Claire Wood, a creative and emotional Pisces, works hard to succeed in acting without handouts. Initially flawed, she grows into a likable character, showing growth and strong emotions towards her parents.