The Ideal Way to Spend Valentine's Day, According to Your Sun Sign



Ruled by Mars, the planet of action, you're innately competitive, driven to play and win.


relationship-oriented Venus, the planet of love and beauty, you'll undoubtedly want to amplify the romance with your sweetheart.


Thanks to your curious, buzzing mind and social butterfly nature, you're the queen of having a packed calendar. So, chances are you already have a tentative game plan in place.


It's fitting that you're repped by the Crab, Cancer, because you have a protective, hard-shell exterior you'll hide behind.


As the ruler of the fifth house of romance, you might wish for the Hollywood version of V-Day, complete with roses, fine dining,


When asked what your favorite hobby is, you might very well say self-improvement — unironically.


then grab to-go cocktails from that hot new bar with your single GFs. Enjoying one another's company and being in the moment will be enough.


An emotional water sign that's co-ruled by action-oriented, sexy Mars and transformative Pluto, you're positively in touch with your sexuality and deepest desires.


As the mutable fire sign ruled by joyful, expansive Jupiter, it's natural for you to feel optimistic and fortunate. You're also into going big sometimes to extremes,


Ruled by taskmaster Saturn — the planet of rules, regulations, and slow, steady hard work — you're a pragmatist and traditionalist at heart.


Ruled by game-changer, eccentric Uranus, you're not a fan of convention whatsoever, preferring to let your freak flag fly whenever possible.


As the mutable water sign and the last sign of the zodiac, you're empathetic and creative.