The houses of the zodiac explained

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Ridout: Aries expresses with fire energy, best exercised through high-energy activities like running. Equip headphones, playlist for a focused run.

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The second house: possessions -


2nd house: Taurus, values environment, tranquility, luxury, comfort. 3rd house: Communication, transportation, community, relationships, nurturing bonds.

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The third house: communication 


Gemini: Communication, rules the 3rd house, important information. 4th house: Foundations, home, family, nurture, maternal relationship insights.

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The fourth house: home and family


4th house: Ruled by Cancer, tough exterior, nurturing heart, domestically oriented, maternal figures. 5th house: Creativity, romance, children, boost confidence, creative expression.

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The fifth house: Pleasure


Leo: Fits fifth house, vivacious, romantic, life of the party, celebrates friendships and love. 6th house: Health, well-being, daily routines, body created through life choices.

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The fifth house: Pleasure


6th house: Mental and physical well-being, work-life balance, Virgo's organization. 7th house: Interpersonal, significant partnerships, creating bonds, making them work.

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The fifth house: Pleasure


7th house: Ruled by Libra, stability in relationships, love, balance, harmonious companionship. 8th house: Sex, death, transformation, animalistic instincts, desires, adaptability, evolution.

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The eighth house: sex, death, and transformation


8th house: Ruled by Scorpio, passionate, powerful, deep intuition, spiritual connection. 9th house: Philosophy, travel, higher education, exploration, curiosity, inquisitiveness.

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The ninth house: philosophy -


9th house: Ruled by Sagittarius, wanderlust, expansion of the mind. 10th house: Public image, ambition, career goals, popularity.

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The 10th house: social status 


10th house: Ruled by Capricorn, focused, driven, overcoming challenges, long-term goals, success with compassion. 11th house: Perspective on success, personal networks, friends, family.

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The 11th house: friendship 


10th house: Ruled by Aquarius, driven by social change, teamwork, community. 12th house: Unseen realm, emotions, dreams, secrets, non-physical existence.

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The 12th house: the unconscious 


12th house: Ruled by Pisces, division between reality and fantasy, psychic empathy, sensitivity to others' emotions. Astrology's significance: Self-reflection, improvement, spiritual. 

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