The Do’s and Don’ts of Dog Park Etiquette, According to Experts and Pet Parents

Do Bring A Leash

Dog park safety: Always keep your pup on a leash. Leashes ensure their safety and prevent potential conflicts with other dogs. Unleash once inside the park.

Do Keep An Eye On Your Dog

Supervise your dog at the park and avoid distractions. Stay aware of other dogs, leash your pup if play gets aggressive, and prioritize their safety.

Do Something Before A Situation Escalates

Understanding dog body language is crucial. Watch for signs like tucked tails or alert stances. Supervise play to prevent escalation and injuries.

Do Be Honest With Yourself About Your Dog

Understand your dog's behavior before visiting a dog park. Ask yourself key questions to decide if it's suitable for your pup.

Do Make Sure Your Dog Follows Certain Commands

Practice control with your dog at the park. Ensure they respond when called, as you can't predict other dogs' behavior. Safety first!

Do Obey Size Regulations

Size-appropriate dog park areas are crucial. Megan's Chihuahua was attacked in a small dog section. Ensure safety by respecting designated areas.

Do Pick Up After Your Dog

Important: Clean up after your dog at the park! Emily reminds us to be responsible. Now, let's discuss some dog park etiquette don'ts.

Don’t Bring Your Young Puppy

Avoid bringing puppies under 4 months old to dog parks. Their immune systems are still developing, and parks can pose health risks, warns Reed.

Don’t Bring A Sick Or Pregnant Dog

Keep sick dogs, those with compromised immune systems, and pregnant dogs away from parks to prevent illness or harm. Prioritize their health and safety.

Don’t Bring Your Dog’s Toys.

Beware of ball possession issues during fetch. Another dog's possessiveness can lead to fights. Be cautious of unpredictable canine behavior.