Laziest Cat Breeds Who Are Totally Happy to Chill All Day Long


Birmans: fluffy, medium-to-large cats with blue eyes. Calm, affectionate, and enjoy being carried. Perfect companions for napping.

British Shorthair

British Shorthairs: Calm and independent cats. Prefers solitude and comfy perches. Not big on cuddling. Ancient breed from Egypt, now in Great Britain.


Chartreux: Mouse-catchers in French monasteries. Blue-gray coat, orange eyes. Independent, respectful, and loves attention. Welcoming and content alone.


Himalayan cats: Cozy, flat-faced with puffy coats. Lap lovers, quiet, and gentle. Sociable and friendly. Daily grooming needed to prevent coat snarls.


Himalayan & Persian cats: Similar in body and temperament. Himalayans have pointed coats, Persians come in various colors. Persians less friendly with kids/pets, both sweet and lazy.


Ragdolls: Relatives of Birmans. Love lounging in human arms. Big, long-lived cats. Good with kids/pets. Intelligent and thrive on friendship.

Russian Blue

Russian Blues: Cool observers, shy, prefer routine. Dislike rowdy households. Minimal shedding compared to Persians.

Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds: Lazy loungers, thrive with a companion. Lovable and adaptable. Cozy napping spot needed. Distinctive folded ears.