Here’s the Netflix show you should watch next based on your zodiac sign



Aries love surprises and spontaneity, which makes this Netflix series their perfect match. It’s full of twists and turns you’d never expect, with the added spooky element to boot.


sure, but also about how to savor the items you hold dear. Taurus humans love to collect and keep their own trinkets, making this show a thrill for them too.


They keep secrets but also allow themselves to be authentically who they are. Change is the only constant on the show, and that’s what people with Gemini as their sun sign thrive on. What more could you ask for?


If Cancer is your sun sign, you will love this show because it centers around the concept of a young girl with big dreams.


Emily heads to Paris to start a new life and career, and she couldn’t do it without her creative skills and determination. This show is a must-watch for Leos because it will inspire them to keep doing what they do best.


Its versatility will vibe directly with Virgos because they can learn something while also vegging out to a Netflix series. That’s what we’re talking about.


Libras are a balance of multifaceted energy. That being said, Tiny Pretty Things molds together a Libra world. It’s full of creativity through dance, style and deep conversations that Libras would thrive on.


While not all Scorpios will relate to the main character, they may find themselves delving into the thought-provoking nature he presents, especially when watching the show in its entirety.


Sagittariuses love a thrill, including anything that taps into their adventurous side. Thus, Ozark will meet their adrenaline junkie needs as it’s full of mystery, thrills, lies, deceit and, of course, adventure.


. At the very least, they will appreciate each and every move in a way that other sun signs wouldn’t, making this show a checkmate.


Aquarius is the most unique of the zodiac through their nature to embrace what makes them unique, which makes Outer Banks the move for Aquarians.


Pisces love to create and inspire, often in their feels and dreaming away. Plus, there’s crime-fighting and mystery-solving, which adds to the adventure that Pisces crave.