The best nighttime routine for each zodiac sign

Updated - 23/06/2023

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Aries: cultivate gratitude

Aries: energetic, ambitious, easily distracted, incomplete tasks. They love challenges and projects but can struggle with follow-through.

Taurus: destress with essential oils

Aromatherapy: lavender and rose scents relax Aries, promoting deep sleep and rejuvenation for their energetic bodies, minds, and spirits.

Gemini: turn off social media

Gemini's overstimulated mind benefits from switching off phones at night, promoting better sleep and avoiding screen distractions. Rest well and recharge!

Cancer: Moon gaze

Cancer's special connection with the Moon makes gazing at it a nourishing bedtime ritual. Open a window or step outside to embrace its soothing presence before sleep.

Leo: sip on some calming tea

Sip on herbal tea to promote deep sleep for fiery Leos. Incorporate mindfulness meditation into your nighttime routine for added relaxation and tranquility.

Virgo: prepare a to-do list

Virgos find instant satisfaction in wrapping up tasks and preparing for the next day. Tidying up before bed promotes a sense of calm and helps them ease into a restful sleep.

Libra: practice mirror work

Libras can incorporate mirror work into their bedtime ritual, speaking compassionate words to themselves. This practice helps them feel seen and heard, promoting a sense of inner peace and relaxation.

Scorpio: keep a dream journal

Scorpios can keep a dream journal to explore the connection between their dreams and waking life. With their natural psychic abilities, this practice can offer valuable insights and enhance their self-awareness.

Sagittarius: get surrounded by purple

Embracing shades of purple and keeping an amethyst crystal by their bed can enhance relaxation and promote deep sleep for Pisces, their lucky color and crystal of choice.

Capricorn: do some breath work

Capricorns, with their busy schedules, benefit from reconnecting with their breath to embrace stillness. It enhances sleep quality and prepares them for the next day's challenges.