The Best Mother's Day Gift for

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According to astrologer Briana Saussy, treat Aries moms with gifts that make them feel special. Scented candles, fiery makeup palette, new yoga mat, or cute weights are great choices.


For Taurus moms, gift a day of beauty with a spa massage or an at-home spa day with face masks and nail polish. Consider the Biossance pink set with sunscreen, lip gloss, and rose Vitamin C Serum, endorsed by Reese Witherspoon, for a pampering experience.


To please a Gemini mom, gift her a bundle of books from the New York Times Bestseller list or a beautiful journal and pen set. Saussy suggests the Rifle Paper Co. journal set ($60) as a stylish option to indulge her love for writing and learning


Make Cancer moms happy with your presence and let them cook for you or cook a meal for them. An elaborate herb garden ($199) is an ideal kitchen gift that will remind her of you as she prepares food and tends to her herbs.


To make Leo moms feel bold and loved, gift them shiny jewelry like Kendra Scott's huggie earrings in white crystal ($70). It's a perfect addition to their everyday wardrobe, adding a touch of sparkle and attention-grabbing style


Impress Virgo moms with thoughtful planning. Gift a cute poolside bag and matching sandals in her preferred color and design. The personalized Lily & Bean beach bag ($150) shows your creativity and thoughtfulness,


Libra moms value relationships and motherhood. Show your appreciation with a gift that honors familial bonds, like Bawdy Beauty body oil ($68). Founder Sylwia Wiesenberg's products pay homage to her grandmother and mother,


Scorpio moms are open about their current obsessions. Choose an elegant fragrance that reminds you of her, personalized with her favorite essential oils. Alternatively, gift a DIY perfume kit ($100) for her to create her own signature scent.


moms love freedom and adventures. Give them an exotic vacation or a game like the Ladies Night board game ($29) for fun with friends. Conveniently available on Amazon for last-minute gifting.


moms appreciate elegance and quality. Consider gifting a stylish handbag like Fossil's Jolie Baguette ($150) in their favorite shade. If accessories are plentiful or a budget-friendly option is desired,Regenerate response