The Best Eye Makeup Look For Each Zodiac Sign

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"Aries is known for their over-the-top beauty looks, opting for bold eyes with vibrant colors, false lashes, heavy eyeliner, and even colored contacts. They embrace a go-big or go-home approach, often venturing into anti-beauty territory, exemplified by Doja Cat's recent vampire-inspired makeup."


"Taurus, an earth sign, prefers a natural eye makeup look. They opt for a barely-there appearance with light liner and nude tones. Ruled by Venus, their beautifully simple makeup exudes an effortless "I woke up like this" vibe."


"Gemini, an air sign, embraces their unique style with a love for graphic and neon eyeliner. They go for shades like lemon yellow, hot pink, and electric blue, aiming to create one-of-a-kind looks that spark lively conversations."


"Cancer, a water sign, embraces their dreamy and emotional nature through their makeup choices. They opt for ethereal iridescent eyeshadows, mermaidcore pastels, and long lashes to accentuate their eyes. Waterproof mascara is a must for them, considering their tendency to shed tears. (Mood.)"


"Leo, a fire sign, adores attention and their faux lash collection is unmatched. They embrace extra-long, bold, and glittery lashes for any occasion, relishing the spotlight. Winged eyeliner is a favorite, especially when it adds a sultry cat-eye effect."


"Virgo, an earth sign, prefers a subtle and dewy eye makeup look. They focus on well-moisturized skin, defined lashes with lash-nourishing mascaras, and perfectly groomed brows with conditioning brow gels."


"Libra, ruled by Venus, stays up-to-date with trends, including the popular lavender eyeshadow. As an air sign, they crave novelty and embrace makeup that exudes romance and beauty."


"Scorpio, the enigmatic water sign, enhances their eyes with layers of mascara and smoky, smudged liner. They embrace the allure of makeup that appears intentionally worn for days, exuding poetry and intrigue."


Sagittarius, always up for an adventure, stands out with their bold makeup choices. They rock stunning metallic shadows, abundant eyeliner, and a love for glitter, making them impossible to miss in any setting."


"Capricorn, a practical earth sign, prefers a simple eye makeup look. They opt for black mascara, a mini winged liner, and a touch of neutral shadow. They appreciate classy and understated makeup that is easy to apply."


"Aquarius prefers simple makeup that makes a statement, like blending bright blush seamlessly into their eyeshadow for a rosy glow. They embrace a unique style while keeping things uncomplicated."


"Pisces is captivated by balletcore eye makeup, characterized by frosty pink eyeshadows, white liner, and doll-like lashes for a dreamy allure. To accentuate the look, styling hair in a ballerina-style bun is recommended."