The Best Engagement Ring Style for Every Zodiac Sign



Aries like to know they are getting the best of the best, which is why they'll lean towards a princess cut engagement ring.


it's actually ideal for Taurus. Not only does this shape exude class, elegance, and taste, it's also a great style to stack with other rings.


With this type of sparkler, everyone will know where the twin star stands before asking about their love life


The oval diamond will not only make the crab feel special, but completely seen by their fiancé.


Even if they're not able to afford their ultimate dream ring, the lion will be happy with a colored diamond or gem, which will receive the attention they crave.


Virgo is for sure the sign who will find it extra endearing, since they understand the virtuous significance of the style.


Take it a step further with a rare, rose-cut diamond, which will make Libra feel as though they are on top when it comes to their posh, designer lifestyle.


d. All the more reason why Scorpio will be drawn to this lovely style, which transcends time due to its gracefully tasteful aesthetic.


the archer would find a pear-shaped engagement ring suits them best. It's a soulful alliance that was made in the cosmos, and also means extra luck


Instead, Capricorn will choose to wear something practical, that's perfect for any activity and matches every outfit they wear.


Geometric diamond shapes are a modern take on the classic ring. No one will have anything like it  which is why this style is perfect for Aquarius.


Since Pisces rules the seas, this shape will feel symbolic, and this beautiful vintage design will no doubt feel right on their ring finger.