The Best Beach Read for Every Zodiac Sign


A gripping thriller by Riley Sager about a widowed actress, a mysterious couple, and a sudden disappearance. Twists and turns abound in this suspenseful novel set in Vermont.


A compelling novel about the friendship of three mothers, their sons, and the secrets that threaten their perfect world. Taurus readers will be captivated by this story of loyalty and hidden truths.


A thrilling story of friendship and deception, perfect for persuasive Geminis. Follow Ava and Winnie as they navigate a counterfeit luxury handbag scheme with unexpected consequences.


Follow Edie's journey of love, fate, and self-discovery in this heartwarming novel for sensitive Cancerians. A tale of fated encounters and the power of our choices in matters of the heart.


In this captivating novel, three couples' birthday celebrations take a dramatic turn when a Leo makes a shocking announcement. Secrets are unveiled, and relationships are tested in the aftermath.


A relatable novel for perfectionist Virgos featuring Laura's journey to embrace imperfection and find a new beginning amidst unexpected challenges.




A thrilling tale of sisterhood and pursuit of balance, as Libras can relate to Natalie's quest for harmony amidst a mysterious self-help retreat.


A captivating essay collection for passionate Scorpios, featuring a sex and relationship writer's intriguing tales of love, fame, and unconventional choices.


A hilarious essay collection for adventurous Sagittarius readers, tackling the absurdities of motherhood and midlife with wit and relatable anecdotes.


A captivating beach read for ambitious Capricorns. Join Nora, a literary agent, as she navigates romance and sisterhood in a charming North Carolina town.


A captivating novel for intellectual Aquarians. Join Lola in a hilarious and thought-provoking journey through love, relationships, and unexpected encounters in NYC's Chinatown.


A touching tale for sensitive Pisces. Join Katy on a journey to reconnect with her mother's spirit in the picturesque Amalfi Coast. A story of love, healing, and self-discovery.