The Beer You Should Order, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Porter

Cheers to you, Aries! As the bold and dynamic leader of the zodiac, you're always looking to make a statement and keep the good times rolling. If there's a party happening, you're there to add personality.

Taurus: Brown Ale

Unbothered by the fast-paced world around them, Taurus prefers to savor the little moments. You're the type who calmly and deliberately builds the life of your dreams, collecting quality experiences along the way.

Geminis are incredibly extroverted and social, which makes it easy for you to adapt to any situation. You like variety in life and aren't content sticking to the status quo.

Gemini: Pale Ale

Cancer: Fruit Beer

Cancer has the biggest sweet tooth of the zodiac, and your drink preferences are no exception. Your personality feels like a warm hug, so you need a beer that brings a similar feeling to your taste buds.

Leo: Saison

If life is a party, you're dancing on the table asking the DJ to turn the music up. Nothing stops a Leo from having a good time. And when it comes to a night out, you like a drink that is just as fun-loving and bold.

Virgo: Wheat Beer

You're a lover of the classics, Virgo. Once you find your favorites you tend to stick with them. And as the sign with a perfectionist streak, you prefer a simplistic flavor profile that can stand on its own.

Libra: Oktoberfest

Let's be honest, Libra, you're more of a champagne person. But the balance you enjoy in the bubbly (after all, you are the sign symbolized and ruled by the scales) can also be found in a beer.

Scorpio: Stout

There's nothing mild about the personality of a Scorpio. As the passionate and complex zodiac sign, you seek out experiences that allow you to get deep with others.

Sagittarius: Irish Red Ale

As the adventurer of the zodiac, it's likely that you've already tried a number of the beers on this list during your escapades. You're always looking for something new, so you like to find international brews and experimental blends.

Capricorn: Barley Wine

As the mature and responsible sign of the zodiac, Capricorn needs a drink with the same old-fashioned tasting notes. Your confident, direct, and intense aura may come off as a bit intimidating, but you like to have fun just as much as you work hard.

Aquarius: Belgian Ale

There's nothing predictable about eccentric and rebellious Aquarians. As an intellectual air sign, you like to keep your options open and are always looking to experiment and expand your horizons.

Pisces: Bock Beer

People often categorize you as dreamy and lost in space, Pisces. However, you have deep layers under the surface of the water that would surprise even your closest friends.