The most popular dog breeds in the world

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Bull Terrier

English Terriers: Terrier family, stubborn yet great with people, especially children. Weighing 20-29 kg (45-65 lbs), they live 10-15 years.


Ancient Chinese breed, not highly active but needs regular walks. Weighs 16-41 kg (35-90 lbs), lives 11-13 years.

English Mastiff

The English breed is a gentle giant, very large, weighing 54-113 kg (120-250 lbs), and living 6-12 years

Jack Russell Terrier

Energetic and healthy English breed. Intelligent, vocal, and athletic. Weighs 6-8 kg (14-18 lbs), lives 13-16 years.


Japanese breed: Large, dominant, independent, and strong. Early training essential. Weighs 32-59 kg (70-130 lbs), lives 10-15 years.

Great Dane

German giant breed: Friendly, gentle, great with kids. Weighs 45-90 kg (100-200 lbs), lives 8-10 years.

Border Collie

British breed: Most intelligent. Requires mental stimulation & exercise. Weighs 12-20 kg (26-44 lbs), lives 10-17 years.

Australian Shepherd

US developed breed: Highly intelligent & energetic. Needs mental & physical activity daily. Weighs 16-32 kg (35-70 lbs), lives 12-14 years.


German breed: Highly intelligent & loyal guard dogs. Easy to train & quick learners. Weighs 32-45 kg (71-99 lbs), lives 9-12 years.


Ancient Roman & Greek breed: Energetic, affectionate towards humans. Weighs 0.9-3.6 kg (2-8 lbs), lives 12-15 years.