The 21 Most Popular Cat Breeds in the U.S.

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The Ragdoll, a beloved cat breed, is known for its affectionate nature and popularity among families. With its gentle demeanor and love for human company


The Maine Coon, known as the gentle giant, captivates with its wild appearance. These large cats are laid-back, affectionate companions, often displaying a sense of humor and a preference for playful antics over napping.

Maine Coon

The Persian cat, a perennial favorite, is adored for its long coat and calm, sociable nature. Highly sought after globally, these cats make easygoing companions despite their higher grooming needs.


The British Shorthair, a regal and ancient breed, is known for its dense coat, broad face, and laidback nature. With their signature gray-blue coats and orange eyes, they make for charming and low-maintenance companions.

British Shorthair

The energetic and sociable Devon Rex, with its unique ears and playful nature, ranks fifth in popularity. Originating from England, this cat breed is known for its friendly disposition and joyful purring.

Devon Rex

Abyssinians, resembling ancient Egyptian hunting cats, are affectionate and inquisitive. Brought to North America in the early 1900s, they bring charm and occasional mischief.


American Shorthair cats are popular for their kindness, playfulness, and adorable kittens. Originally used as hunting cats, they now thrive on cuddling with their owners.

American Shorthair

The Scottish Fold, with its distinctive folded ears, is a gentle and vocal breed known for its owl-like appearance. Taylor Swift even owns two of them!

Scottish Fold

Oriental cats are sociable and affectionate, originating from Thailand. With a sleek physique, almond-shaped eyes, and pointy ears, they are intelligent and closely related to Siamese cats.


Siamese cats, originating from Asia, gained popularity in Europe and North America. They are affectionate with humans and other cats but can display aggression when territorial.


The Norwegian Forest cat, also called Norsk skogskatt, is a large and fluffy breed built for cold climates. They can be shy initially but become trusting and loving once a bond is formed.

Norwegian Forest

With striking green eyes and a silver to dark gray coat, the Russian Blue is a gentle and calm breed. Originating from Russia, they are known for their playful and friendly nature, making them a great choice for families.

Russian Blue

The Ocicat, resembling a wild cat, is athletic and strong with a tawny cinnamon-spotted coat. Despite its appearance, it has a friendly and curious temperament, enjoying human company and companionship.