The 10 Most Dog-Friendly Cities in the U.S.


A nature lover's haven with dog-friendly parks, including Cherry Creek and Chatfield State Parks. while nearby hiking trails provide outdoor adventures for you and your pup.


A top-notch dog-friendly city with designated walking areas, pickup/drop-off zones, and pet-friendly policies. The Windy City's public transportation system.


A sunny paradise for dog owners with year-round beautiful weather. Enjoy walks, dog parks, and dog-friendly beaches. Plus, indulge in dining out with your furry companion


A top pet-friendly destination in the Pacific Northwest. With over 100 pet-friendly hotels, 230 veterinary services, and a vibrant dog-friendly culture, it's a haven for dog owners.


A hot spot for humans and dogs alike! Enjoy vibrant nightlife, dining, and a thriving culture. Outdoor eateries, dog park co-working spaces,  Plus, 247 veterinary services, 34 dog-friendly restaurants


 A haven for pet lovers with top rankings in pet-friendly restaurants and hotels. Over 30 off-leash dog parks and a friendly attitude towards dogs make it a dog owner's dream.

New Mexico

A pet-friendly destination with breathtaking parks, delicious dog-friendly restaurants, and 100 pet-welcoming hotels.

San Francisco

Overexertion and overheating can be dangerous for dogs, especially brachycephalic breeds. Limit exercise and monitor for signs of exhaustion.

New York

NYC is highly dog-friendly with numerous well-maintained parks in each borough, including Manhattan. Most parks have amenities like water fountains, poop bags, and separate areas for small dogs.

Fort Collins

Fort Collins, Colorado, offers direct access to the foothills and mountain trails, making it an ideal destination for dog owners