Shaggy Dog Breeds That Are Too Lovable for Words


Barbets, French waterfowl hunting dogs, sport shaggy, hair-like coats. Eager to work and play, these cheerful pups thrive in cold weather.

Bearded Collie

Meet the shaggy Bearded Collie, a Scottish herding dog with a warm coat. Brushing regularly keeps their hair tangle-free. Friendly and independent, early training is essential.

Bergamasco Sheepdog

The Italian Bergamasco Sheepdog's unique coat requires proper care. Separate mats and maintain shape. Full-length coat by age five. Handle with care, no trimming or brushing too short. Mats regulate body temperature.

Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terriers are intelligent guard dogs with shaggy coats. Brush weekly and trim twice a year. Preserve their beards and bangs.

Bouvier Des Flandres

Bouvier des Flandres are smart, active herders with double coats. Regular grooming and brushing keep them happy.


Briards are devoted herding and guard dogs with shaggy coats. Regular grooming helps them feel connected and protected.


Collies are intelligent herding dogs with rough or smooth coats. They are family-friendly, athletic, and entertaining pets that enjoy being around people.

Irish Water Spaniel

Irish Water Spaniels have hypoallergenic, curly coats. They are friendly and good-natured dogs with unique tapered tails. Ideal for allergy sufferers.


Komondors are shaggy Hungarian shepherds with corded fur. They require firm training due to their independent nature. Their coat offers protection and a stunning appearance.

Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdogs are affectionate, mellow dogs with fluffy double coats. They enjoy being around kids but require regular grooming and shed a lot.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Polish Lowland Sheepdogs are shaggy, adaptable dogs that resemble miniature Old English Sheepdogs. Proper training and grooming are essential for these sweet and sometimes stubborn pups.

Portuguese Sheepdog

Portuguese Sheepdogs are diligent, protective watchdogs with dense, single-layer coats. Lively and affectionate with their families, they thrive with a job to do.