Puppy Heroes: Cute Photos Defeating Evil Foes

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This corgi

Clever corgi Maya fearlessly defeats an evil pumpkin using her teeth, showcasing her heroic spirit and determination.

This good boy

As noted by his owner, this dog "either really loves or really hates bubbles." Hard to tell. But if the bubbles are evil, he's definitely saving us from them.


Tough guy conquers tiny red evil balls effortlessly, displaying his unwavering strength and fearlessness.

This hound

Jolene's owner prioritizes her safety, even if there wasn't a hidden camera in the dog bed. Better to be cautious and prepared than to risk any potential harm.

This dog

No regrets for this pup as its owner discovered homemade buffalo wing bones. A tasty surprise that brings joy and satisfaction to both the dog and its owner.

This guy

We all know that this popular Christmas decoration is actually evil, right? After all, as this dog's uncle tweeted, "My brother's dog is here to remind you that snitches get stitches."

This dog

One dog tried to save his owner from tech addiction by stealing his GoPro in 2018, resulting in a viral video that's nothing short of comic genius.

wind-up frog

Golden retriever Noor assures her human, "Don't worry, I've got you covered," embodying loyalty and protective instincts with her comforting presence.

This bulldog

Curiosity strikes as the unknown cold, slippery object piques interest, leaving one questioning its nature and purpose.

This corgi

With an adorable sploot like this, who needs cleaning products? The irresistible cuteness overrides any need for cleaning, bringing joy instead.

This lab

Loki registers this as a definite "Do Not Want," suggesting that manual efforts are preferred by dogs, providing a helpful tip for his owner.

This puppy

In 2016, Leia, the golden retriever, went viral for demolishing a Very Bad Door Stop in a video that captured everyone's attention.