Predictions for Each Zodiac Sign



You're a rock star, Aquarius. The new year teaches that you can encourage others to be their best selves through positive reinforcement. Y


When it comes to love, 2023 asks you to go ahead and have the tough conversations, Pisces.


your ruling planet, Mars, will be retrograde. Lean into this as an excuse to rest up early in the new year. Things get busy quickly.


When your ruling planet, Venus, is retrograde, not only should you avoid making significant changes to your appearance


When the year begins, your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde, Gemini. From there, 2023 brings three more Mercury retrograde


Because you're ruled by the moon, you must pay extra attention to the lunar eclipses this year, Cancer.


However, for this to happen, you must channel the influence of warrior Mars in healthy ways, such as through kinky sex or pillow fights, rather than through actual bickering.


While our country's economy is far too messed up for an astrologer to promise cash, there are still days the stars indicate are beneficial for your career and abundance.


Any other time is excellent for switching up your hair or your entire look. Your wellness routine is one of many areas of your life to undergo changes


Scorpio, one of your ruling planets, Mars, is retrograde. As a result, you're feeling calm and ready to cuddle.


The new year brings collaboration to your love life. As a result, you and a partner may enter business together, start a band, or join forces to enjoy the role-play scenario of your dreams.


you must make a sacrifice, Capricorn. Don't worry. All this means is that if you don't drop a bad habit, the planets will do it for you.