Power Color Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Floral Separator

Aries: Fiery, passionate, stubborn leaders. Love adventure, competition, independence. Power color: Red - symbolizes passion, courage, excitement.


Taurus: Grounded, trustworthy, practical. Appreciate luxury, material things. Power color: Green - revitalizing, nature-inspired, symbolizes wealth. Embrace it with green plants or vibrant decor.


Gemini: Vivacious, inquisitive, sociable. Dual personality. Power color: Yellow - bright, cheerful, energetic. Inspires original thought. Add yellow touches for inspiration in your office or welcoming areas.


Cancer: Emotional, empathetic, sensitive. Power color: Silver or metallic grey - moon-inspired. Use metallic grey accents or furniture for a welcoming space.


Leo: Charismatic, charming, magnetic. Love drama, theatrics, self-expression. Power color: Orange - bold, head-turning. Use burnt orange in home accents to inspire and ground Leo's energy.


Virgo: Perfectionist, detail-oriented, master planner. Analytical minds. Power color: Brown - subtle, grounding. Use rustic wood accents or a coffee table for a Virgo-approved look.


Libra: Beauty seekers, balanced. Loves banter, judicious in relationships. Power color: Pink - serene, feminine. Use in bedroom or as an accent chair.


Scorpio: Mysterious, intense, observant. Emotional depth. Power color: Black - keeps people guessing. Use it in surprising ways to reflect Scorpio's nature.


Sagittarius: Gregarious adventurers, intense thinkers. Power color: Purple - creative, clever, soulful. Use plum and lavender shades in workspaces or cozy spots for Sagittarian inspiration.


Capricorn: Ambitious, individualistic, fantastic organizers. Practical, self-controlled. Power color: Charcoal Grey - strong, practical, statement-making. Create a cozy space or use in a dining room for a Capricorn touch.


Aquarius: Ahead of their time, out-of-the-box thinkers. Humanitarians with diverse friendships. Power color: Blue - calming, centering. Use in the bedroom or laundry room for a peaceful touch.


Pisces: Imaginative, artsy, romantic. Highly emotional. Power color: Seafoam Green or aquamarine - reminiscent of the sea. Use in the kitchen or bathroom to restore Pisces' energy.