Plants that Align with Each Zodiac Sign

Green Lightning


Aries: Strong succulents thrive like Aries on Mars. Low maintenance, symbolizing tenacity and new beginnings. Other plants: red clover, red pepper, tarragon.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Taurus: Practical and hardworking like the fiddle leaf fig. Represents abundance and loyalty. Other plants: fig tree, thyme, feverfew.


Gemini: Fragrant lavender blooms in Gemini season, calming their energetic nature. Other plants: parsnips, dill, valerian.


Cancer: Nurturing aloe represents protection and luck. Soothes like Cancer cares for loved ones. Other plants: parsley, peppermint, money tree.


Leo: Majestic monstera symbolizes strength and loyalty. Respected like Leos' compassion and leadership. Other plants: citrus trees, bromeliad, chamomile.

Rubber Tree Plant

Virgo: Sturdy rubber tree plant with a practical nature. Purifies air like Virgos' attention to detail. Other plants: ivy, caraway, blackberry


Libra: Balanced ferns create a tranquil environment. Symbolize luck and new beginnings. Other plants: bergamot, sweet potatoes, St. John's Wort


Scorpio: Philodendron symbolizes deep love and loyalty. Versatile and determined like Scorpios. Other plants: coriander, rhubarb, dracaena


Sagittarius: Mistletoe represents love and adventure. Sharp and risk-taking like Sagittarians. Other plants: asparagus, alocasia, saffron.

Snake Plant

Capricorn: Enduring snake plant matches hardworking nature. Filters toxins and suits office spaces. Other plants: holly, barley, bonsai trees.

Chinese Money Plant

Aquarius: Chinese money plant brings luck to generous Aquarians. Unique appearance, adaptable nature. Other plants: fennel, pothos, frankincense

ZZ Plant

Pisces: Humidity-loving ZZ plant suits compassionate Pisceans. Tolerates low light, symbolizes prosperity. Other plants: watercress, lemon balm, water lily.