Luckiest Girl Names, According to Astrologers

Updated - 23/06/2023



According to Name Stories, Felicity is considered one of the luckiest names for girls. It means happiness, fruitfulness, and good luck, originating from the Roman goddess of luck, Fortuna.

Astrologer Kerry Ward explains that Felicity derives from felicitas, the Latin word for good fortune. It is believed to bring luck and is considered a fortunate name for girls, symbolizing happiness and positivity


Beatrice comes from the Latin word "beatus," meaning happy or blessed. It can also be spelled as Beatrix, which means voyager, symbolizing a journey in life

The name Beatrice, derived from the Latin word "beatus," signifies happiness and blessings. It is associated with a saint and can also be spelled as Beatrix, representing a destiny to explore and go far


The name Grace is associated with divinity and receiving blessings. It originates from the Latin word grâtia, meaning favor or blessing

Grace represents the key to manifestation, leveraging grace and detachment from outcomes. By finding gratitude in the present moment, we activate luck in our field, says astrologer Lauren DeGolia


Amber is a lucky and popular name, with Celtic, Arabic, and Sanskrit origins. It also refers to the sky, symbolizing unlimited potential.

 The name Amber is associated with luck and the sky, representing limitless possibilities. Its Celtic, Arabic, and Sanskrit roots add to its popularity.


Short and sweet, these names, Eva and Zoe, both mean "life" and carry lucky vibes for a more meaningful and fulfilling existence

Eva and Zoe, meaning "life," have Hebrew and Greek origins respectively. These names bring luck and activate a vibrant and fulfilling experience.


 Despite its literal meaning, Tessa, meaning "fourth child," carries the essence of harvest and appreciation, attracting luck and desires.

Tessa, meaning "fourth child," signifies harvest and appreciation. It's a name that can magnetize luck and manifest desires with its high vibration of appreciation.