I'm an Astrologer, and These Are the Perfumes Each Zodiac Sign Should Wear on Valentine's Day



It’s time to assert yourself, Aries! The Moon in Sagittarius will be bringing a bright sense of optimism to your life on the most romantic day of the year.


If you’re really looking to spoil yourself, Boy Smells’ Cashmere Kush has the perfect velvety, lush aroma to help set the mood for a perfect night in.


This bright and effervescent scent will have you oozing confidence, so much so that it’s bound to turn heads when you make your grand entrance and work the room.


This intoxicating scent is the perfect balance of feminine floral notes without being too sweet, with a little something extra to keep everyone guessing.


The sensual and sparkly fragrance will inspire you to embrace your bold side and have a little mischievous fun along the way.


This transcendent scent will have you feeling the abundance around you, and give you the confidence to seize the day.


The bright grapefruit and calming cedar undertones make for an out of this world combination that will leave you feeling energized and optimistic about your next big adventure.


This dramatic and timeless fragrance boosts rich rum-soaked vanilla flavored scents and warm botanical notes. Bold and audacious, this one isn’t for the faint of heart, which makes it a match made in heaven for you.


With the Moon in your sign, you can expect to feel a lot more sensual and flirtatious, so don’t be afraid to let your hair down and have a bit of fun.


Pisces this Valentine’s Day, you’re finding it easier to let your imagination run wild. Normally you’re one for careful planning and execution, but even you won’t be able to resist the magic in the air this Valentine’s Day.


. This refreshing, revitalizing, and relaxing aroma marries the sweet scents of jasmine and rose with a whirlwind of exotic fruit undertones. Take a chance on yourself this year, and spoil yourself along the way.


This perfume is packed with a sugary, warm, and delicate aroma that will have others feeling magnetically attracted to you.