How You Act on a First Date

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Spontaneous, passionate, and fun-loving. Takes charge, impresses, and engages in light teasing. Seeks a good time and a partner who can keep up


Discerning and practical, seeks compatibility. Takes time to get to know the other person. Patient in love, believes in slow and steady connections.


Social and curious, attracts diverse people. Values mental connection. Skips typical ice-breakers for interesting and personal topics. Enjoys interviewing and exploring compatibility.


Sweet and sentimental. Seeks fanfare, chivalry, and romance. Values deep emotional connection. Prefers traditional date settings with uninterrupted conversations. 


Prideful and passionate. Expects to be swept off their feet. Values feeling seen and appreciated. Seeks loyalty and shared values in a partnership.


Picky and perfectionist. Observes potential suitor's thoughtfulness. Guarded and reserved at first, but great conversationalists once comfortable.


Hopeless romantic and lover. Prefers casual and natural unfolding of feelings. Values genuine effort and great conversations. Seeks balance and equality in a relationship.


Suave and smooth heartbreakers. Seeks honesty and loyalty. Values strong emotional connections and deep conversations. Craves passion and intensity in relationships. Keeps an open mind for surprises.


Adventurous and passionate match. Sagittarius seeks special connections. Aquarius brings flexibility and creativity. Explosive and fiery bedroom dynamics.


Fiercely independent and selective. Values first impressions. Polite and well-mannered. Seeks hardworking and committed partners. Takes dating seriously. 

Eclectic and unconventional. Selective in partners. Charismatic and charming. Takes the lead. Plans unique and memorable dates. Goes above and beyond for someone special.


Romantic and dreamy. Seeking a soulmate connection. Kind, compassionate, and empathetic. Skips small talk for meaningful conversations. Charismatic and playful. Emotionally attracted to vulnerability