How to Pick Your Signature Perfume, Based on Astrology



Ruled by Mars, the planet of energy, aggression, sex, and anger, people with major placements in the cardinal fire sign tend to be speedy,


One of two signs ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, fixed earth sign Taurus is known for being grounded,


Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and information-gathering, mutable air sign Gemini is buzzy,


cardinal water sign Cancers are in touch with their hearts and can't help but offer up nonstop TLC to their nearest and dearest.


Ruled by the sun, the luminary that oversees identity, confidence, and self-image, fixed fire sign Leos are bold, optimistic, charismatic, and spotlight-loving.


As the mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, people with Virgo placements are cerebral, thoughtful, sensitive,


Ruled by romantic Venus, cardinal air sign Libra is a lover of old-school romance, beauty, art, diplomacy,


As the fixed water sign co-ruled by go-getter Mars and transformative Pluto, people with Scorpio placements are dynamic, magnetic, mysterious, highly sexual, and have no trouble getting in tune with the darker side of life.


Wanderlustful, free-spirited, knowledge-seeking and outspoken, people with Sagittarius placements need their scent to satiate their appetite for the exotic and uncharted.


Driven, industrious, pragmatic Capricorn, ruled by taskmaster Saturn, is constantly on a mission to achieve and be recognized for their hard work.


Quirky, futuristic, contrarian, and humanitarian, Aquarius, ruled by rebellious Uranus, is the fixed air sign that derives quite a bit of pleasure from striking out against convention.


Dreamy, empathic, psychic, spiritual, and deeply, overwhelmingly emotional, Pisces, ruled by mystical Neptune, is the mutable water sign that tends to pick up all the energy around them.