How to Crush Your New Year's Resolutions, Based on Your Zodiac Sign



anything that makes you feel like you've "won" a competition, given that your ruling planet is action-oriented Mars


intentions that reflect your love of art, beauty, sensuality, comfort, and security. Your ruling planet is Venus, which oversees romance, money


related to the way you express yourself and connect with others, thanks to your ruling planet Mercury, which oversees communication, transportation, and technology


emotionally-charged, given that you're ruled by the moon, which oversees emotional identity and our most innate needs.


passionate, positive, and fueled by self-confidence. Ruled by the image-conscious sun, you're driven by opportunities to command the limelight.


Ruled by communicator Mercury, you love gathering all the information before mapping out a strategy. Virgo also rules the sixth house of daily routine and health


guided by your key principles of balance and connecting with others, as your ruling planet is beauty-loving Venus.


you're often motivated to evolve in ways that aren't necessarily visible to the naked eye but are more related to psychology or connecting with others on a deeply intimate, spiritual level.


supportive of your never-ending thirst for knowledge and adventure. Ruled by expansive Jupiter, you're wired to think bigger and bolder is usually better


related to good, old-fashioned, hard work. Ruled by Saturn, the taskmaster planet that oversees rules and regulations, you're driven to keep your nose to the grindstone


you're a natural-born team player and are often thinking more about what's best for your community or people in the global sense versus you as an individual.


you tend to be artistic, and your greatest inspirations stem from being in your feelings—something you're apt to be quite often.