How to Be Productive While Working from Home, According to Your Sun Sign



As a fire sign ruled by go-getter Mars—the planet of action, sex, and energy—you prefer to make moves on the job, quickly and aggressively


You're also the fixed sign of the earth crew with a reputation for being stubborn, so you're a creature of habit.


being in touch with others is basically your lifeblood as the mutable air sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication.


As the ruler of the fourth house of home life and a sentimental, family-oriented water sign, you love nothing more than couching it. More specifically,


Only one sign is ruled by the radiant, confident sun, and that's you, big-hearted, fixed fire Leo.


As the ruler of the sixth house of daily routine and wellness, and a mutable, pragmatic earth sign, you were born to work from home. Nothing gets you more fired up than a crisp,


the planet of love, beauty, and money, you're a thoroughly social creature, the host with the most, and a magnet for lively conversation.


As an emotionally intuitive, fixed water sign, working from home and surrounded by trappings of your life that feel familiar can be deeply empowering.


Without a commute to bookend your day, this tendency might get even worse. You'll spend 12 hours engrossed in your work, all the while forgetting to eat or take care of yourself.


thanks to your ruling planet, taskmaster Saturn, which oversees structure and discipline.


As an air sign, you're innately social, and as the ruler of the eleventh house of networking, you gravitate toward teamwork.


As a deeply feeling water sign ruled by dreamy, rational thought-clouding Neptune, you're psychic, empathetic, and prone to escapism.