High Maintenance Zodiac Signs: Ranked

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Cancer: High-maintenance sign, can be clingy and possessive. Requires regular communication for relationship security. Partner's reassurance is crucial.


Leo: Demands grand gestures of love and attention. Small gestures aren't enough. Expects partners to make an effort and fulfill their desires.


Scorpio: Prone to jealousy and impulsiveness. Difficulty letting go of unfounded suspicions. Requires effort to calm and alleviate their emotions.


Virgos are high-maintenance because they want everything done their way to meet their high standards. They can be fussy and put pressure on their partners, especially if they're not grateful for help.


Aries can be high-maintenance because they are self-focused, impatient, and confrontational. They may forget to include their partner in decisions and can be difficult to reach.


Sagittarians are high-maintenance because they love to talk and can monopolize conversations. It's up to their partners to make their presence known if they want to have their say.


Taurus can be high-maintenance when they don't feel cared for. They will let you know when they need more attention, and if you don't give it to them, they will blame you for their crankiness.


Geminis are hard to please because they are indecisive and blame you for not doing what they wanted. Remember, you cannot read their mind.


Pisces are needy and quick to blame themselves. They need reassurance and constant contact, but they can be irrational and jump to conclusions.


Aquarius is independent and aloof. They don't require much attention or validation, but they do care. They may not show it, so you have to be perceptive.


Libra is a low-maintenance sign, but they can be needy when they really believe in something. They love a challenge, but only if they know they’ll be comfortable. Libras are a “if, then” kind of person.