The Zodiac Sign That's the Biggest Over-Thinker

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empathize deeply, overanalyze emotions, and escape reality. Tara Bennet notes their world-building tendencies and dwelling on possibilities.

Highly empathetic Pisces absorb energies, overthink, and escape. Bennet highlights their world-creating skills and focus on could-have-beens.


regal and spotlight-seekers, have big egos and crave admiration. Fear of judgment and overthinking can lead to perceived cowardliness.

Leos care deeply about public image, prone to overthinking. Desire for attention may make them appear cowardly when seeking validation.


hardworking, goal-oriented, and detail-oriented. They overthink when life is imbalanced, seeking the best solutions. Loss of control can lead to prolonged introspection.

love self-reliance, analyze every detail, and prefer control. They overthink when things go wrong, staying in their heads for an extended period.


obsession with fairness leads to self-doubt. As people-pleasers, they overthink to avoid risks. Bennet notes their internal debates over trivial matters, cluttering their thoughts.

desire for balance causes overthinking, doubting themselves. People-pleasers, they avoid risks. Bennet highlights internal debates over insignificant topics, cluttering their thoughts.


represented by twins, are fast-talking communicators. Their multiple perspectives lead to overthinking, creating a mental tug-of-war, as Rodriguez explains.

intellect and curiosity make them prone to overthink, constantly analyzing situations and seeking approval. Bennet notes the burden of always finding the right words.


anxious and detail-oriented, are the zodiac's biggest over-thinkers. Rodriguez explains their perfectionism leads to excessive pondering even on small issues.

Practical Virgos overthink, striving for perfection. They analyze what-ifs excessively, even on faultless matters, driven by their aversion to being wrong.