Cheapest Dog Breeds in India


Beagles: Merry companions for kids and adults. Adapt well to Indian climate, low maintenance with short coats.


Boxers can adapt remarkably well to Indian weather, and they are one of the most popular dog breeds in India.


Chihuahuas are tiny dogs with big hearts that are adorable, confident, loyal, and charming.


Small, active earth dogs - most demanded breed in India. Excellent adaptability to Indian climate.


Dalmatian dogs are a breed of intelligent dogs originally bred to play the role of guard dog to protect horses and coaches.


Dobermans: Originally bred for personal protection, now used in police and military. Courageous working dogs

German Shepherd

German Shepherds: Second most popular breed in India. Herding dogs, adapt to Indian weather.

Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz: Distinct from Pomeranians, resembles German Spitz. Cheerful, intelligent, playful.


Labradors are among the most popular dogs, and for a good reason. They are friendly, lovable, easy to train, and loyal.


Pomeranians are a small, high-spirited dog breed that wouldn’t hesitate to bark and hold their ground against larger dogs.


If any dog breed deserves to make it on this list of the cheapest dog breeds in India, it’s the adorable pug.


Rajapalayam: Affordable dog breed in India. Originated in Southern India, used for boar hunting