Celebrity Nemesis by Zodiac Sign

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Aries needs attention and recognition, while Capricorn is tough to crack. Aries can be domineering, which Capricorn may not like.

LeBron James

Taurus is grounded and prefers routine, while Aquarius is unpredictable and likes to shake things up.

Ellen DeGeneres

Gemini values communication and sociability. Scorpios like Drake may be loyal but hard to read, leaving Geminis feeling unheard.


Cancer seeks close connections, but struggles with Aries' differing lifestyle. Admires Lady Gaga's fame but couldn't keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle.

Lady Gaga

Confident Leo clashes with sensitive Pisces like Jon Hamm. Leo values individuality and dislikes Pisces' passivity.

Jon Hamm

Virgo clashes with balanced Libra like Kim Kardashian. Virgo's precision is seen as critical, while Libra's constant changes cause stress.

Kim Kardashian

Libra and Cancer clash in social preferences. Libra seeks new connections, while Cancer prefers close-knit groups. Avoid befriending a Cancer like Chris Pratt.

Chris Pratt

Scorpio and Gemini clash in trust and compatibility. Scorpio finds Gemini's flexibility shady, keeping them at a distance. Avoid befriending a Gemini like Amy Schumer.

Amy Schumer

Sagittarius clashes with routine-loving Taurus like Robert Pattinson. Sagittarius seeks adventure, while Taurus craves stability.

Robert Pattinson

Capricorn clashes with showboating Leo like Jennifer Lopez. Capricorn's grounded nature conflicts with Leo's self-absorption.

Jennifer Lopez

Aquarius clashes with idealistic Virgo like Keanu Reeves. Aquarius seeks practicality, while Virgo's daydreaming and rigidity frustrate Aquarius.

Keanu Reeves

Pisces clashes with flighty Sagittarius like Chrissy Teigen. Pisces seeks emotional depth, while Sagittarius' loud energy doesn't match their laid-back vibes.

Chrissy Teigen