Astro's pick: Summer drink by Zodiac sign.

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Blu Atlas' Atlantis cologne: Balinese-inspired fragrance with citrusy top notes, herbal heart, and mellow base. Vegan, cruelty-free, and clean formula.


Aries & Bloody Mary: Fiery match! This rebellious, spicy cocktail mirrors their independent nature. Cheers to a bold drink


Tauruses & Margaritas: Perfect pair! Laid-back and indulgent, they love this smooth, sweet cocktail. Get creative with fruity twists for a refreshing vibe.


Cancers: Home and hospitality! Embrace comfort with a pineapple cocktail. Symbolizing welcome and adventure, it's perfect for their nurturing nature.


Leos & Mint Juleps: Perfect match! Dramatic and colorful, this iconic drink shines. It even stars in literary classics like The Great Gatsby.


Virgos & Sparkling Cran Razzy: Refreshing choice! Cranberry juice brings health benefits, while lime juice adds vitamin C. Stay health-conscious!


Libras & Gin and Tonic: Classy match! Crisp, sweet, and refined—a drink of sophistication. Try our Lavender-Cucumber twist for added flair.


Scorpios & Hurricanes: Passionate match! Try the vibrant rum cocktail linked to their intensity and association with secrets and the underworld.


Sagittarians & Sangria: Perfect pair! Flavorful punch with red wine and fresh fruit. Endless possibilities for a festive and fun experience!


Capricorns & Martinis: Perfect combo! Strong and classic, it's their go-to choice. Add a summery twist with our Strawberry-Chile Martini.


Aquarians & Frozen Daiquiris: Fruity blend! Masking alcohol bite, it suits their cool and intellectual nature. Tangy and refreshing vibes.


Pisceans & Mojitos: Perfect match! Refreshing blend of rum, lime, mint, and fruity variations. Cheers to a fitting choice for their sign