Astrologer suggests the perfect summer drink based on your zodiac sign.

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Aries: Bloody Mary

Blu Atlas' Atlantis cologne: Masculine Bali-inspired scent with citrusy top notes, herbal heart, and mellow base. Vegan, cruelty-free, clean formula.

Taurus: Margarita

Aries and Bloody Mary: A fiery match. Spicy cocktail mirrors their temperament and independent nature. Cheers to a bold drink

Gemini: Wine Spritzer

Tauruses love margaritas: Laid-back and indulgent. Enjoy the smooth, sweet cocktail. Get creative with fruity twists for refreshment.

Cancer: Piña Colada

Cancers love comforting pineapple cocktails: Symbol of home and hospitality. Perfect for their nurturing nature and tales of adventure.

Leo: Mint Julep

Leos + Mint Juleps: A match made in heaven. Iconic, dramatic, and colorful drink. Featured in The Great Gatsby.

Virgo: Vodka-Cran 

Virgos + Sparkling Cran Razzy: Refreshing choice. Cranberry juice for health, lime juice for vitamin C. Enjoy the benefits!

Libra: Gin and Tonic

Libras love classy gin and tonic: Crisp, sweet, refined. Sophisticated drink of choice. Try Lavender-Cucumber Gin & Tonic for a twist

Scorpio: Hurricane

Scorpios love Hurricanes: Fruity rum cocktail. Reflects their passion, intensity, and connection to secrets and the underworld.

Sagittarius: Sangria

Sagittarians + Sangria: Perfect match. Flavorful, fun, and festive. Endless possibilities with red wine and fresh fruit. Cheers to adventure!

Capricorn: Martini

Capricorns love martinis: Strong, classic choice. Enjoy a summery twist with our Strawberry-Chile Martini.

Aquarius: Frozen Daiquiri

Aquarians love frozen daiquiris: Tangy, refreshing blend of fruity flavors. Matches their cool and intellectual nature.

Pisces: Mojito

Pisceans + Mojito: Perfect match. Refreshing blend of rum, lime, mint. Optional fruit variations add to the charm.