Art Buying Guide Based on Your Zodiac Sign


They admire new, undiscovered artists and love original, commissioned paintings. Supporting up-and-comers and being the first to discover excites them.


They're stylish and confident in their own choices. Timeless art like homemade pottery and ceramics that match their home's style brings natural elegance and romance to their space.


Geminis are quick-minded communicators who love diving into deeper meanings. They enjoy collaborating and meeting new people.


Art that speaks to them on an emotional level is essential. Natural materials like wood, pressed flowers, or macramé help them feel grounded and connected to mother nature.


Leos have a dramatic flair but also a sensitive side. They connect with art that reflects fearless passion, like expressionism.


Virgos excel in attention to detail, with a keen analytical mind. They appreciate the deeper meaning in art.


Libras embody beauty, grace, and a love for fine arts. With exquisite taste and trend-setting abilities, they gravitate towards Impressionist art.


Scorpios are mysterious and transformative. They appreciate the complexity of life and see beauty in the dark and macabre.


Adventure-seeking individuals, like you, prefer contemporary art from emerging artists who push boundaries.


Capricorns, seen as grounded and reliable, possess a hidden creative eye. Preferring traditional art forms, they appreciate skillful and patient mediums like photography.


Aquarius, the rebellious trailblazer, views art as a means to challenge perceptions. Drawn to abstract art, they appreciate its diverse interpretations.


Surrealist paintings, like those by Picasso and Dalí, resonate with their sensitivity and imaginative nature.