All Dogs Have Their Strengths

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Border Collie: the smartest breed. Bred for herding, their superior intellect and drive ensure they excel in any task.

Border Collie

Poodles: intelligent, versatile, and more than a fashion icon. From hunting to service dogs, their understanding and skills impress.


German Shepherds: top in obedience training. Ideal for police/military work, yet gentle with families. Versatile and exceptional performers.

German Shepherd Dog

Golden Retrievers: friendly and intelligent. Rank 4th in intelligence. Ideal for service and therapy work. Obedient, quick learners, and stunning. #GoldenIntelligence

Golden Retriever

Dobermans: brain and brawn in police K9 units. Quick learners, athletic endurance. Highly trainable, eager to please. Whip-smart companions. #DobermanIntelligence

Doberman Pinscher

Shetland Sheepdog: agile, smart, and winning in dog sports. Sweet, playful, and fluffy. Dominating in agility competitions. #SheltieSuccess

Shetland Sheepdog

Labrador Retrievers: friendly, intelligent, and versatile. Loved by families and hunters. Surprising smarts. Ideal for service work. #LabIntelligence

Labrador Retriever

Papillon: Renaissance nobles' favorite. High intelligence in a tiny package. Protective, great watchdogs. Smarts and charm combined. #SmartPapillon


Rottweilers: loyal, active, and smart. Fierce guard dogs but need training and exercise. Endless energy to channel. #SmartRottweiler


Australian Cattle Dog: bred for herding, high intelligence. Easy to train, natural cattle-driving ability. May try to herd you too! #SmartCattleDog

Australian Cattle Dog